Poseidon first saw Social Forums in early October of 2015, and finally joined on November 27th, 2015. It wasn't until January of 2016 when he got really active, and was able to accomplish 1,000 post by the end of the month. Poseidon is also known as Poolside or Neptune, and is the Greek god of the seas, storms, horses, and earthquakes. He is the most powerful being on Social Forums, and one of the only that is immortal (User Jesus has immortality).


Poseidon thought that Social Forums would grow one day, so he stayed and tried to help Social Forums with their activity. Poseidon had started when the Lead Adminstator was leading the activity in posts with 1,100+. Poseidon and one of his favorite friends, Aetricity, were able to knock Herobrine to 3rd place. Soon after Aetricity took the lead, he got knocked down to 2nd place, and Poseidon became the new leader. It felt great to know that you were helping the site by posting threads for the community to respond to. Poseidon became the #1 poster, only losing his spot once back to Aetricity but gaining it back again. Poseidon is #1 for posts with 3,900 on March 28th, 2016, and 2nd for highest level with 15.

Fun Facts

Some interesting facts about Poseidon is that he is a big reader. Reading Harry Potter to The Percy Jackson books. Poseidon's human form is Canadian, but decided to live in the USA instead. His favorite food is pizza, favorite color is blue and was born on the Year of the Monkey. He is a Golden State Warriors fan, but still thinks that the 95-96 Bulls would destroy them. Poseidon used to forum on ROBLOX until he got mixed into an IP incident and got terminated. He had 10,500 posts in total and decided to come back to OT on March 2016.


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What is Poseidon's favorite food?

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