User is a forumer who was friends with Tony before the website. He was a moderator when the site was in beta but due to being compromised and mass deleting threads, the account was deleted. He later on registered with the same username.

When User and Tony got into an argument, User raided the site and spammed with alternative accounts. After several months, he quit completely and came back shortly after an incident where passwords of accounts were dumped.


1 - User once went by the fake names "Andrew", "Alex", "David" and "Markus" despite his real name being Scott.

2 - User is a hacker who was known for his criticism on the moderation and security of the website. Him, Minecraft and DominusTrex have been known for discussion of attacking the site and an XSS vulnerability found.

3 - User sent automated friend requests to many users, leading to him having the most friends.

4 - User has mass spammed the forums multiple times causing him to get banned.

5 - User is friends with other known users outside of Socialforums. His Tweets often are conversations between him and Minecraft.

6 - User is actually one of the oldest users in age.

7 - User doesn't use his account anymore. He uses the account "asdf" which he made made back when he raided. It's ID is 33.

8 - User has found multiple bugs and glitches, a recent one being an issue involving the avatars and items.